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Rather rough concept sketch for Dark Memories, my dragon webcomic (still in the making)
Skimmer, and what used to be a battlground (not all of it is shown obviously)
This might be rendered fully someday :3

Alright, shopping for food time xD

"She runs gracefully with the wind, guiding those in dire need of directions through the Darkness, yet punishing those whom she deems unworthy of clemency, judged on their actions. She is like a Shooting Star, but let not the appearances fool you, for she also is the Celestial Punisher."

The Spirit of Night and Lightning, otherwise known as “The Ethereal Abyss”, “The Celestial Punisher”.

She can fly, but her wings are made of…ether ? Heh xD

Concept for a spirit in Jaeger and Asar’s story c:

Hiyo guys

Just needed to tell you all I’m probably going on a hiatus for some time, I have a lot to prepare as I’m going to University in about a month now, so I just felt the need to warn you of the upcoming inactivity ;u;

Also this blog is for my art in general, or the things I find interesting or whatever xD
But mostly my art, be it Fan art or Original Art, just wanted to precise so that no one is confused about this c:

Thanks everyone, you’re all awesome ! <3

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