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Some Faust stuff, oh and Kenrhal, dying Kenrhal. Heheheh. :D

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Mikko Lagerstedt (tumblr / facebook) is an award winning Fine Art Photographer from Finland. His distinct style captures the emotion of the moment. Capturing simplistic Finnish landscapes and fleeting moments Mikko strives to use his atmospheric vision to inspire people.


70% of editing is just looking at ur work for a few hours with this face


Rather rough concept sketch for Dark Memories, my dragon webcomic (still in the making)
Skimmer, and what used to be a battlground (not all of it is shown obviously)
This might be rendered fully someday :3

Alright, shopping for food time xD

Special version of ++ Seek and you shall Find ++ that I posted on Deviantart, featuring Skimmer C:

Hakuren fighting off a few Merhols (WIP - there are supposed to be more than just two)
Just a little concept sketch before I leave school, also to cool off a bit.


"She runs gracefully with the wind, guiding those in dire need of directions through the Darkness, yet punishing those whom she deems unworthy of clemency, judged on their actions. She is like a Shooting Star, but let not the appearances fool you, for she also is the Celestial Punisher."

The Spirit of Night and Lightning, otherwise known as “The Ethereal Abyss”, “The Celestial Punisher”.

She can fly, but her wings are made of…ether ? Heh xD

Concept for a spirit in Jaeger and Asar’s story c:

Because guys, I’m still alive !!

I’m just really busy with school and all the paper work ;;;;;;

It’s so busy it’s not even funny difsijjfdfdsfs

But here, have a WIP of my latest picture, cuz I’m definitely gonna finish this >:C

Dreaming of freedom in Alicia Online, past the fence in our ranches… ;_;

Been playing Alicia Online again…Decorative ice attack ? :B